Benefits | Dynaat


Your advertisement on our digital network will reach audiences who want to interact with you at that moment and who have the time and opportunity to absorb, engage and explore your message because your viewers are in a waiting or idle situation with limited entertainment.

Digital Advertising Works!

Here are some reasons that make our locations a great investment:

  •        *   The most advanced and modern advertising medium in the world
  •        *   No other media can reach audiences with maximum impact in real-time
  •        *   Our screens reach audiences who have time to absorb your ad
  •        *   Your ad gets shown on a continual rotation all day
  •        *   It’s cost effective advertising with great return-on-investment
  •        *   Fast go-to-market opportunity
  •        *   Change your ad when you want to, as often as you want to
  •        *   Stay current with timely information in your ad
  •        *   Attention grabbing but not intrusive to viewers
  •        *   Innovative and eye-catching technology, providing a competitive advantage
  •        *   Strong attention-retention power of advertisements
  •        *   Interacts and engages hundreds of viewers quickly and effectively
  •        *   Environmentally friendly
  •        *   Viewers have a high recall-rate of displayed advertisements
  •        *   Large high-definition vibrant screens provide a rich viewer multi-media experience
  •        *   Display any format, including images, animations or videos


With Dynaat, Advertising is Easy!

Contact us to discuss your advertising needs, and we will be happy to customize a plan just for you.