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The Timmins Victor M. Power Airport

The Timmins Airport is one of the largest in northern Ontario, providing a market area of 160,000 people a convenient gateway to Toronto and northern communities.

Our 55″ high-definition screen faces directly into the waiting area, providing entertainment to well over 2,000 travellers every week.

Along with the passengers is also the constant hustle of visitors, friends, family, co-workers and staff, all in reach of the advertisements on our screen.



The Timmins Square

As the largest regional shopping centre in Northeastern Ontario, the Timmins Square attracts customers across the north.

While the Square receives an average 5,000 daily visitors throughout the centre, every week at least 2,000 people are sitting in the full service food court enjoying a meal or beverage.

Our 55″ high-definition screen is in direct view of the constantly bustling 350-seat food court.


Licence Bureau

Located in the Timmins Chamber of Commerce building, the ServiceOntario Licence Bureau serves a staggering 8,000 customers each month.

With a steady, high volume of people standing in line daily, viewers appreciate the advertisements on our high-definition 40″ screen.